Why Technicians Prefer the Footlogix Stainless Steel File

Written by Footlogix TeamMar 15, 2019

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ch-why-technicians-prefer-the-footlogix-stainless-steel-fileMade with high-quality stainless steel this uniquely designed file can be used multi-directionally and will not shred the skin.

Features and Benefits:
• Double sided with coarse and fine sides it is designed to speed up and make callus removal more efficient
• Can be used wet or dry during pedicures
• Light weight and easy to use
• Made for professional use only

Recommended for:
• Cracked and callused skin
Usage Instructions
• Spray affected areas with Footlogix® Callus Softener including cuticles and let it absorb into the skin for 2- 3 minutes, until skin is tacky
• Start filing with the coarse side of the professional file. Clean skin-debris often with a dry towel. Finish off with the fine side to smooth any rough edges
• Clean with mild soap, water and use of a soft brush to remove skin debris
• For best results use with Footlogix® Callus Softener
• Can be disinfected or sterilized

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