When To Introduce A Foot Care Product That You Can Retail To Your Client

Written by Footlogix TeamMay 31, 2019

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Your clients sitting on the pedicure chair no longer see pedicures as just “buff and polish.” Customers are prepared to pay for knowledgeable professionals, safe pedicures and value.

For technicians who have been successfully performing Footlogix® pedicures on their clients, Footlogix advocates a complete foot, nail and skin analysis by practising the three R’s. The technician needs to practise how to:
• Recognize skin and nail disorders
• Recommend the correct ‘pediceutical’ home care
• Refer to a medical professional if necessary
After a thorough foot evaluation, begin your pedicure. A complete Footlogix pedicure can last up to an hour or more. Use this time as an opportunity to recommend the right home care product(s) based on the foot condition(s) that you recognized.

Many clients are not aware that their rough, scratchy heels may be more than just dry skin. The truth is that with the correct recommendation of ‘pediceutical’ home care products, everyone can relieve and cure these conditions that will transform their feet to soft, smooth and beautiful skin. Everyone can benefit from a home care product. Start recommending Footlogix retail products to get your customers come back for more.

To help you ‘recognize’ and ‘recommend’:

• For customers suffering from superficial cracking with dry, rough, scratchy sand-paper like feet, consider offering a Home Care Solution special package deal that includes the Rough Skin and DD Cream Mousse Formulas and three or more pedicures. This will get new clients in your chair, the package will ensure they return, and the results will have clients telling their friends.

• For deeply cracked and split heels due to thick calluses – recommend Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula – perhaps also offer a loyalty package for continued pedicures

• Some clients often experience sweaty feet that emanate an unpleasant odour. Consider offering a “Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray combo deal to your clients to kill that odor causing bacteria.

• All Footlogix products are safe for seniors, diabetics, the immuno-compromised, as well, perfect for the geriatric client.

The big question now is – when is a good time to introduce a retail product to your client? Right before massage! Use a moisturizing mousse during your professional pedicure just before giving your client a luxurious massage. Many clients see or experience the mousse texture only when they have a pedicure. Use that moment as a soft-sell opportunity for you to introduce the mousse concept, and also extend the massage time using a mousse and massage formula.

Use a walnut-sized portion of the mousse and make them feel the product (watch video tutorial below). Your client will instantly see the benefits of using a light, fluffy, non-greasy mousse that gives immediate results! Talk to them about Dermal Infusion Technology® and how it works through all layers of the epidermis.
Footlogix cares about transforming your client’s feet!

Photography: Courtesy of Footlogix
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