Techs Tell Us Why Nail Tincture is Effective for Their Clients with Toenail Fungus

Written by Footlogix TeamApr 25, 2019

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As a technician, you may be impeccable at making nails look ‘healthy and happy’, but it is equally important that you thoroughly evaluate your client’s feet before a pedicure service, to help identify any underlying issues. Every professional nail technician should Practice the Three R’s: Recognize, Recommend, Refer
Learn to recognize your client’s issues, recommend the right home care product and refer to a medical professional if necessary.

The great thing about Footlogix products is that they allow you, the technician, to help alleviate or eliminate skin and nail problems without having to make a diagnosis. The most common example is discolored toenails prone to fungal infection. Affected toenails need an effective formula that targets the skin under the nail to preventatively avoid fungus to thrive. Footlogix Anti-fungal Toe Tincture Spray restores a healthy sheen to toenails.

Nikki Fraser, our Footlogix Educator/Business Development shares some success stories of her clients who are nail technicians, who have recommended the Anti-fungal Toe Tincture Spray to their clients.

Success Story #1: Results in three months! Fungal nail to healthy, beautiful toenails

Sheryl Kwan is a self-employed foot care professional in Kennewick, Washington.

How did you first recognize a toenail fungus on your client?
Some clients are aware of the existing fungus before they come to me for pedicures, some I notice discoloration and fiber on their big toes during their first appointment with me.

What did it appear like?
Light/dark green, some just discoloration, some with fiber or thickening of nails underneath.

What did you do to service the client?
One specific client came to me to reconstruct a damaged toenail for her. I did a soakless pedicure on her to be able to build a new toenail on her big toe.

Did you recommend Toe Tincture to your client? And what specific home care instructions did you give your client about usage?
Yes, I sprayed before and after her session and sold her a Tincture Spray for home use. I had her spray twice a day during the first month and once a day when we saw improvement.

How frequently did your client come for recurring pedicure visits – weeks/months?

Most of my clients come about 4 to 6 weeks for a pedicure.

When did you/your client start seeing results? How did you track progress?
We took before and after photos. She is also consistent at buying Tincture Spray and her toenails improved every time, so I know she is using the spray at home.

How long till you saw a healthy nail? Any factors that influenced/did not influence the progress?

I remember seeing an improvement within a 3-month timeframe.

Success Story #2: “Anti-fungal Toe Tincture Spray is the Best Product we’ve seen in 16 Years”

Cindy Jorgensen is a Certified Master Pedicurist® who co-owns a medi-spa in Boise, Idaho.

How do you first recognize a toenail fungus on your clients?
Usually by the color and sometimes the thickness.

What does it appear like?
The color is usually a dark yellow to dark brown, if the fungus is just beginning, the nail is usually not thick. If the client has had fungus in their nails for a long time then the nail is thick and will be flaky when worked on.

What do you do to service the clients?
I clean around the nails, trim and use an E-File to take thickness out of the nails, smooth them and remove as much of the fungus as possible.

Do you recommend Toe Tincture to your clients? And what specific home care instructions do you give your clients about usage?
We always recommend the Footlogix Toe Tincture to help our clients. Our home instructions are for them to use it twice a day on the infected nails.

How frequently do your clients come for recurring pedicure visits – weeks/months?

Average visits are 6-8 weeks depending on their preference and we let the clients know that we will monitor the fungus for them to help ensure they re-book.

When do your clients start seeing results? How do you track progress?
Depending on how long they have had the nail fungus, we usually see results on their next visit, if the client has been using the Toe Tincture as instructed. If they have had the fungus for a long period of time, it takes up to 3 return visits before we start seeing results.

How long till you see a healthy nail? Any factors that influence/do not influence the progress?
We have only had the Toe Tincture available to our clients for about 6 months. Many that started using the product as soon as we had it have almost clear nails now, the ones with severe fungus are about halfway to healthy nails. The main factor that influences the progress would be the client’s consistent use of the product.

We sell more of the Toe Tincture than any other Footlogix product because most of our clients have been fighting nail fungus for years. They love the ease of using the product and we all love the results we are seeing. It is the best product we have seen in over 16 years in business!
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