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Which Top Coat And Tone Is Best for Your Client?

Written by Pureology TeamSep 1, 2022

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Pureology introduces a new Color Fanatic Top Coat and Tone shade extension to their collection of high-gloss treatments that revive warm shades to address color fading in-between salon visits. Check out this breakdown of each new shade so you can identify which one is right for you and your clients.


top coat perfect shade

Revive red and ruby-red tones: Top Coat + Tone Red

pureology top coat red

Revive copper and copper-red tones: Top Coat + Tone Copper

pureology top coat copper

Revive warm blondes: Top Coat + Tone Gold

pureology top coat blonde

Q: How do I use the Top Coat + Tone warm shades?

A: To use, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. After preferred Pureology shampoo, ​remove excess water from the hair. Skipping this step will dilute the product if excess water remains in the hair.

Pro Tip: Wear gloves during application to prevent staining on hands 

  1. Apply in a zigzag application from scalp to ends. Then, move through and apply vertically at the base, using the tip of the precision nozzle, from the front of the head moving to the back. 

Pro Tip: Use your hands to distribute the product through fine hair, and on more medium/coarse and curly hair, use a wet brush to fully saturate evenly

  1. Leave in for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Finish with preferred Pureology conditioner or mask, only if necessary. ​

Q: What is the difference between the new Top Coat + Tone shades (Red, Copper, Gold) vs. the original tones (Blue, Purple and Clear)?

A: The new shade extensions are intended to revive and enhance the vibrancy of hair color, while the original tones neutralize brassy or yellow tones. All of the Top Coat + Tone treatments work to restore shine and softness.

pureology top coat find your tone

Q: Can you combine shades?

A: Yes, you can mix the warm shades to achieve the perfect result.

Pro Tip: All shades can be combined with Top Coat Clear to dilute vibrancy. ​

Q: When would I use Top Coat + Tone Gold vs. Blue or Purple?

A: Top Coat + Tone Gold should be used on warm tones such as sunny blondes. Top Coat + Tone Blue or purple is intended for cool tones such as icy blondes and brunettes. Purple works to neutralize brassy to yellow tones for natural, pre-lightened and light-medium blondes, whereas Blue neutralizes brassy, orange tones for natural, pre-lightened and dark blondes to dark brunettes.

pureology top coat gold pureology top coat bluepureology top coat purple

Q: Does Top Coat + Tone act as permanent hair color?

A: Top Coat + Tone is used to refresh and revive hair color using direct dyes, and should not be mixed with a developer.

Q: How long will Top Coat + Tone last? 

A: It will always depend on the existing porosity of the hair but is meant to last between four to six washes.

Q: Do I need to use a conditioner after this?

A: The Top Coat + Tone formula is infused with camelia oil and oat milk and is extremely softening. It also lays the cuticle down which will improve shine. In the rare instance that this is not enough conditioning on its own, adding your favorite conditioner or mask is fine.

Pro Tip: For fine to medium hair, no need for conditioning as the oat milk and camellia oil are super hydrating though lightweight enough that it won't weigh the hair down. It gives incredible shine and balances the pH of the hair overall. For coarse to curly hair, choose the best conditioner to suit their hair’s needs, or deep condition to seal the cuticle.

Q: Does this replace the need for a semi or demi toner? 

A: Top Coat is not meant to replace your toners after a color service, however it is a great add on to a haircut or blowout service to seal the cuticle back down and revive color vibrancy in between color services.

Pro Tip: Top Coat + Tone is also the perfect retail item to send your guest home with aft​er a color service, to use in between salon visits.

Q: Will Top Coat + Tone stain my hands and/or my shower? 

A: Due to the potency of Top Coat + Tone, we strongly suggest the use of gloves during application to prevent staining on hands. If Top Coat + Tone gets on the surface of the shower rinse immediately with soap and water to prevent staining. 

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