3 Pro Tips For Repairing Color Treated Hair

Written by Pureology TeamFeb 4, 2022

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Pureology Artist, April Allen (@spoiledstylist) shares three pro tips for preserving and treating hair color this winter with her favorite Pureology products.

Pro Tip 1: Beat Brassiness

This tip is for those of clients who washed their beautiful, blonde hair in hot water. As a result, they may have some unwanted brassy, yellow tones. The solution for this? Pureology’s Top Coat + Tone Purple. This high-gloss top coat that neutralizes brassiness while providing a reflective shine for up to 8 washes. Plus, its formula is infused with oat milk and camelia oil which help soften and condition the hair.

How to use:

Wash hair with Pureology shampoo of choice

Towel dry to remove excess water

Apply Pureology Top Coat + Tone Purple thoroughly root to tip

Wait 5-10 min before rinsing

Pro Tip 2: Treatment Braids

During winter it’s common for clients come in with extra dry and damaged hair. To take care of this problem you can offer them an in-salon braid treatment. April’s go to is Strength Cure Superfood Mask. This mask is infused with olive oil and goji berry to nourish and heal damaged hair.

Treatment braids allow for the max amount of absorption and leaves clients’ hair super soft, shiny, and detangled when they rinse it out at home. Just apply the product evenly from root to tip and create your desired braid.

Pro Tip 3: Using Heat Protectants:

When you know you’re going to use heat on a client the best thing you can do for your client is to use a thermal protectant. This will act as a defense against the negative effects of thermal styling like damage to structure and color molecules.

To tackle this problem April’s go-to is Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray. This product if great for priming and protecting all hair types. Just apply throughout damp hair before starting your heat styling. This lightweight spray can also be used on dry, second and third-day hair.

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