These Three Finishing Sprays Will Help You Lock Up Any Look

Written by Pureology TeamApr 4, 2022

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Hairsprays were once designed to seal in a style, leaving it stiff and crunchy but they’ve come a long way. Today’s finishing sprays can lock in any look with varying degrees of hold and can be used to add more texture, enhance shine, or pump up the volume. Pureology’s Style & Protect line contains three different finishing sprays made to deliver the best results no matter the style. Watch the video above to hear Pureology artist Sarah Crosby (@hairbysarahcroz) break down each spray and learn some of her favorite ways to use them.

Texture Finishing Spray 

What is it? 

A lightweight, buildable texture spray that adds soft body and shine to create a lived-in look. Made with sunflower seed extract to nourish the hair and add shine.  

When to use it?  

Sarah loved to use this spray when she creates her signature everyday beachy wave, to give it a more textured look.  

Pro Tip: Use this spray on hair mid-day to refresh the curls and give the hair a new life.  

Soft Finish Hairspray 

What is it? 

A fast-drying, layerable hairspray with a brushable, flexible hold and a natural finish. Made with orange peel oil and with the fresh, floral fragrance of tuberose, almond milk, and cedarwood.  

When to use it? 

Use this hairspray as the final step of your look to help control flyaways and frizz. Because it's such a flexible spray, it also helps keep messiness at bay and doesn't leave hair stiff or sticky. Plus, it adds natural-looking luster to give hair some shine.   

Pro Tip: One of Sarah’s favorite ways to use this hairspray at the salon is to reach for it when she's building and create an updo. She uses it mid-styling, before everything is in place. It's her secret ingredient for making sure the hair stays intact while also being able to move it around throughout the styling process. 

Lock it Down Hairspray 

What is it? 

A fast-drying hairspray with maximum hold and radiant shine. Made with olive oil that helps strengthen the hair while giving it a radiant finish. 

When to use it? 

This spray is Sarah’s go-to when setting the final looks. Especially updos because it leaves them with incredible shine. She also uses it to set glam waves because it can hold the hairstyle all day long without leaving her clients with a “helmet head” look. 

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