How-To: The Bardot Braided Pony

Written by Jenny StrebeMar 4, 2020

Read time 5 min


Crave a full pony, but don't know how to get long lasting volume that would make any bardot fan jealous. I'll you need is a few simple tricks up your sleeve and the right product.

In this how-to Jenny Strebe shows you how to use the Texture AIIR and Flexible hold hairspray for hold by AIIR.

  • Part off hair on desired side. Divide sections in 3 going at a slight angle. 


  • You want create a inside out braid also known as a dutch braid but only adding hair on the side of her face and not the other side. This will give the braid a slight edge to the braid.


  • Over direct the braid towards the crown area and once the braid gets to the crown area secure into place by using a hair elastic.
  • Spray Texture AIIR by AIIR at the root area prior to teasing to create fullness at the root that will last all day. 
  • Hot tip: Texture AIIR is a dry texture spray that will create volume, grit and slight hold prior to any teasing or when you pull braids a part it will create loads of fullness. 

  • Pancake braid out but pinch small sections of the hair out and pulling them out. Use Texture AIIR prior for hold


  • Lightly brush out the surface of the hair with a brush or your fingers so the teasing doesn't appear from underneath and gather hair at crown and secure into place by using a hair bungee. 


  • Wrap the end of the braid around ponytail to cover bungee and secure the tail of the hair into place by wrapping hair around a bobbi pin and securing the bobbi pin into the pony. 


  • Finish this look off by using some texture AIIR in sections inside you pony and using flexible hold AIIR spray by AIIR for hold.