Get The Look: Knotted Low Messy Bun

Written by SalonCentric TeamDec 17, 2022

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As featured in SalonCentric’s 2022 Holiday Lookbook, learn how to get this look by AIIR Artist Team, Samantha Lindsay (@samlindsayartistry), Lauren Wohlin (@l.a.dub), Samantha Lindsay (@samlindsayartistry), Alexandria Burkfield (@zandriadreamsbig), Mack Weaver (@mackweaver_), Justin Proctor (@justinproctor_).

Products Used:

AIIR Styling Paste

AIIR Flexible Hold AIIR Spray

AIIR Products


Step 1: Gather the hair into a ponytail at the base of the neck. Leave two front sections out. Use AIIR Styling Paste to smooth away any flyaways.

Step 2: When securing the hair elastic, do not pull the hair all the way through. This will create a low bun.

Step 3: Take the hair remaining at the bottom of the bun and divide it into two sections.

Step 4: Next, secure this hair with a small elastic at the top of the first elastic-leave space in between the two elastics so that a hole is created.

Step 5: Now turn the hole you created into a figure eight.

Step 6: Stick the bun through the figure eight and secure the hair with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Finish off the look and give it lasting hold with AIIR Flexible Hold AIIR Spray.

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