How-To: Asymmetric Braided 90s Flip

Written by Jenny StrebeMar 10, 2020

Read time 5 min

1. Create a severe dramatic side parting from desired side all the way down to the nape of the neck. 

2. Take a little whipped pomade and work some in the palms of your hands and apply all over the side you are going to braid and that's going to help keep your flyaways in place and inside your braid.
3. Starting at the front of your part create a small section of hair and create a inside out braid also known as a dutch braid where the sections go under each other.

4. Work the braid down the side of the parting but leave out a small section of hair towards the parting and add hair to the braid with the hair on the side of where the natural hairline is. 

5. Continue to create your braid until you get to low crown area and secure the braid with a hair elastic. 

6. Bobbi pin end of braid under the hair to help hide it to create a seamless look.

7. Spray texture spray on opposite side focusing at the root area for volume and lift.
8. Take your flexible hold aiir spray on the braided side and flatten down any flyaways.

9. For more volume take some sections and tease at the root area.

10. Finish off with flexible hold aiir spray.
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