How-To: Braided Chignon

Written by Jenny StrebeMar 4, 2020

Read time 5 min


1. Spray some shine spray to the hair prior to braided as that it is going to add some slip to the hair prior to braiding and allow you work effortlessly and not have the hair get tangled.

2. Create a center mohawk section clipping away the sides for later

3. Grab a large section of hair starting from the hairline to the crown, divide that section in half and start a fishtail braiding technique.

4. Continue braid down until you get to the nape of the neck and secure braid into place using a hair elastic. Leaving hair out creating a braided pony.

5. Spray some texure AIIR spray for some volume and grit to the hair inside the ponytail. (tip: this will allow the bobbi pins to adhere to the hair preventing any slippage.) Create a loop with the hair left out and pin into place this will create your “chignon” look, after it is pinned use your flexible hold AIIR spray to hold it into place

6. Release the side sections, draping the sections across to the opposite side and bobbi pin it into place.

7. Tuck in any hair and personalize it how you see fit.

8.Finish this look off by combing the hair back and using your flexible hold AIIR spray to create a piecy look.