The Secret to Making Thicker Braids

Written by Anna PetersNov 4, 2019

Read time 5 min

There’s certainly no shortage of braiding, knotting and twisting techniques, but unless there’s enough volume in the pattern, the style can be blah…and even slip out. Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member, shares the secret to creating a special kind of texture that provides more grip and increases volume by 3X! See how it creates the perfect foundation for bubble braiding!

“Creating full fat braids starts with building texture before crafting the pattern, do that and your results will be massive!” says Peters.


    • Apply Redken iron shape 11 to protect hair from heat damage, lock in thermal styling and preserve color.
    • Tap the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron down sections. The plates create a special expanded type of texture that is super big, actually 3 times larger, and it holds     patterns securely for long lasting braids.

Bubble Braid Technique

    • Create a triangle section and secure with an elastic very close to the head.
    • Take a diagonal section under that, pick up more hair from below and add to the existing ends of the previous ponytail and secure.
    • Pull to tighten to create the first bubble and use fingers to gently pull the bubble apart to create more volume.
    • Repeat until the ends, which can hang like a traditional braid or be pinned into an updo.

“This is a super simple technique that even young girls can do, just make sure to keep your sections the same size so the bubbles are uniform,” says Peters.
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