How-To: Inside Out Cutting

Written by Jesse LinaresNov 12, 2019

Read time 5 min

A lot of today’s trends have deep interior texture, loose ends and lots of movement within the shape. Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam, suggests approaching cutting this texture from the inside out to achieve the desired effect the first time around.

“Have you ever point cut an exterior wanting to break it down, drop it and have to do 2-3 more times to get the movement you want?” says Linares. “This happens because you can’t get quite deep enough into the interior to make an impact.”

Working from the inside out removes length while creating deep interior texture. It creates predictable texture the first time around and saves time.
         •   Section interior
         •   Elevate section
         •   Hold with tension and hands a safe distance away from the cutting line
         •   Scan shears across the cutting line opening and closing them in different ranges to create the texture. The texture depends on how shallow or deep the shear is opened, so vary the range for natural looseness and movement.

“Cutting from the outside in allows you to take off length, but it doesn’t create as much texture because the shear can’t reach in as deep as it can when cutting from the inside out,” adds Linares.
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