Lighten Curly Locks

Written by Leah FreemanJun 21, 2018

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Learn the easiest way to lighten curly hair.

About Expert
Celebrated as a color authority worldwide, Leah Freeman brings nearly 20 years of exceptional beauty industry experience. From in-salon education to editorial and hair fashion design, Leah has traveled the globe as a platform artist and trainer. Her designs have appeared in dozens of industry publications, including Modern Salon, Estetica, American Salon, Salon Today, and Behind the Chair. In 2017 she took home the Creative Color trophy in BTC’s prestigious #ONESHOT awards, sponsored by Behind She has been recognized by the professional industry as one of the Top 20 Most Recognized Colorists, and is known for building powerful educational tools to excite and inspire colorists at all levels. Leah has a clear understanding of how to foster creativity, while building a successful salon business. She owns Fuse Salon, a L’ANZA Healing Center, in historic Frankfort, Illinois. As L’ANZA Global Color Director, she collaborates with the Global Creative Team to forecast on-trend color palettes and application techniques for the coming seasons. She also serves as a mentor to our growing Tribe of Healing Artists, sharing her brilliant combination ofpassion, technical know-how, and creative vision.
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