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Written by L'ANZA TeamMay 25, 2022

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Keeping curls healthy and moisturized is a common concern for salon guests, but for clients wanting clean, vegan formulas with high-performing results, it can be difficult to find. The L’ANZA Healing Curls regimen includes seven new salon professional products that make a transformative impact. Each product contains the power of plant-based protein, vegan butters, and wildcrafted botanicals for healthy and frizz-free shine. The intermixable collection allows for complete curl personalization, no matter the curl type.

L’ANZA Healing Curls is the new must-have curly line containing pure and natural ingredients to promote healthy curls. The staple ingredient is a vegan butter complexa brilliant blend of lightweight botanical buttersthat delivers essential lipids and emollients to naturally moisturize, increase shineand minimize frizz. The vegan butter complex is comprised of cupuaçu butter to improve curl springiness and elasticity, moringa butter to provide incredible curl hydration, and mango butter to reduce frizz and leave the hair shiny.

“I love how customizable the options areand how curl-health focused the line is,” raves L’ANZA Advanced Healing Artist and Curl Crew Ambassador, Nikki DurbinAs a curly girl, it’s honestly everything myself and clients need to keep curls healthy and happy.”

The innovative new system offers opportunities for stylists to bring in additional clientele and increase salon revenue. The Butter Shampoo, Butter Conditioner, and Curl Flex are available in backbar sizes to transform curls at the bowl and behind the chair. You can also send your clients home with all retail sizes of Healing Curls products to moisturize, detangle, and reactivate coils daily. With Healing Curls, you can personalize products based on your client’s curl type for at-home maintenance. Mix and match with existing L’ANZA products for a plethora of options. Combine Curl Boost with Foundation Mousse for increased body and shine (recommended for curl types 1+ and 2+) or cocktail Curl Flex with CBD Soothing Serum for maximum scalp health (recommended for curl types 2+ to 4+). Restore and heal curls by emulsifying Curl Whirl with Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment (recommended for curl types 3+ and 4+) or cocktail Curl Therapy with Neem Plant Silk Serum for extra strong curls (recommended for curl type 4+).

Check out the steps below and the full tutorial above to see how Nikki expands and elongates her client’s coils.


Step 1Apply Curl Therapy to detangle and hydrate curls before a shampoo.

Step 2: Distribute product evenly using the Healing Curls Brush.

PROTIP: Keep dense texture organized before a shampoo with the No-Touch Retouch Clip.

Step 3: Lather hair with Butter Shampoo to lift away impurities.

Step 4Apply Butter Conditioner to moisturize curly strands and proceed with the Healing Curls system.

Step 5: Pre-section hair into three parts: detailing, interior and exterior.

Step 6: Create a L’ANZA Curls cocktail with Curl Therapy and Curl Flex.

Step 7Apply a quarter-sized amount of each product into hands and distribute evenly with the Healing Curls Brush throughout each section.

PROTIP: Elevate each interior section slightly to start establishing volume. 

Step 8: As you move into the detailing section, make sure to avoid setting a part towards the front by directing section backwards to build volume on the finished style. Let hair dry for 30 minutes or until completely dry.

Step 9: Soften and begin expanding curls with Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment.

PROTIP: Apply excess Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment to minimize frizz and separate coils. 

Step 10: Begin at the center of each coil to avoid tangling at the ends.

Step 11: Rotate and twist coils to avoid unwanted expansion.

Step 12: Mist Curl Boost on individual coils to reactivate curls at home.

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