How-To: Cover Grays With Paraben And PPD-Free Color

Written by L'ANZA TeamMar 24, 2022

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L’ANZA Advanced Healing Artist Lesley Ashbaker shares how to cover grays using L’ANZA’s new Paraben+ PPD Free Ultra Natural shades. Developed for clients who experience sensitivity to PPD (paraphenylenediamine) commonly found in hair color, these five new shades provide a gentle solution for natural, on-tone coverage. Powered by L’ANZA’s exclusive Flower Shield Complex® and Keratin Healing System for longer-lasting color full of dimension and shine, the new formulations are packaged in a 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to cover your client’s grays.

LANZA Grey Coverage

step by step


  1. Mix PPD-Free formula with a brush in a color bowl using the formulation 6NN + 20 Volume in a 1:1 ratio.

  2. Use a short, bristled brush to begin application at guest’s part line.

  3. Take fine, thin sections for optimal gray coverage.

  4. Over direct and pad sections for maximum saturation.

  5. Process for 45 minutes.

PRO TIP: Use PPD-Free shades with any existing L’ANZA Healing Color Developer.

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