How-To: Achieve The Queen’s Gambit-esque Copper

Written by L'ANZA TeamApr 22, 2021

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L’ANZA Global Color Director Leah Freeman dreams up a rich, vibrant copper that brings to mind the beautiful red of Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit. Using L’ANZA’s newest 6C shade, here’s how she creates the striking hue as seen in this video.

Starting Level: 1
1. Pre-lighten with 30g Powder Decolorizer and 30g 20-volume developer.
2. Apply to outside areas of the hair and process for 5 minutes.
3. Apply formula to base area and process for 10 minutes.
4. Rinse color and perform L’ANZA Ultimate Treatment.
5. Retouch mid-lengths formula using 6C and 10-volume developer.
6. Follow up ends with 6C and 20-volume developer.
7. Process for 45 minutes and rinse.
8. Style as desired with your favorite L’ANZA styling products.

“The 6C is beautiful and gives hair that rich Queen’s Gambit copper,” says Freeman. “And the 9V is a game-changer for blondes looking for that extremely cool tone.” Freeman isn’t the only one who can’t get enough of these two gorgeous new colors in the L’ANZA Violet and Copper Shade Families: 9V Light Violet Blonde and 6C Darkest Copper Blonde. L’ANZA Healing Color 9V delivers an ultra-cool blonde with lilac tones, while 6C gives hair a breathtaking copper-red. They can be used alone or intermixed with other shades in the Healing Color palette. Use with L’ANZA Demi, 10 20, 30, and 40-Volume Cream Developer for permanent, demi-permanent or demi-translucent results. 

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Source: Courtesy of L’ANZA

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