Fiery Copper Hue For Fall

Written by L'ANZA TeamNov 3, 2021

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Courtesy of L’ANZA 

Keep your clients on trend this fall with this statement-making, fiery copper hue. L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director, Leah Freeman, walks you through creating this rich, head-turning color that’s full of dimension and shine using the L’ANZA 6C shade. Plus, you’ll definitely want to take note of her pro tips for achieving balance with an off-center hair color.


Courtesy of L’ANZA 

Base Color Formula: 25g 6C + 5g 3V + 30g 10 vol
- Process for 45 minutes at room temperature
- Find high point & draw down to create section
- Pull small section from opposite side & clip

Pre-Lightening Formula: 30g Powder Decolorizer + 30g 20 vol
- Apply to mid-lengths & ends feathering toward base
- Process for 45 minutes and rinse

Triangle Accent Formula: 10g G Mix + 20g Demi Cream Developer 
- Apply and process for 20 minutes. 
- Rinse and style.

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