Get The Look: Curly Comb Twist

Written by SalonCentric TeamDec 17, 2022

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Lanza Styling Tutorial

As featured in SalonCentric’s 2022 Holiday Lookbook, learn how to get this look by L'ANZA Advanced Healing Artist, Margo Terese (@margo.terese).

step by step


  1. Wash and prep hair with L'ANZA Butter Shampoo Conditioner; follow up with Curl Restore Moisture Treatment as a leave-in moisture treatment.

  2. Apply L'ANZA Curl Flex Memory Gel to wet the hair.

  3. Starting in the nape, with your comb, spin curl section in direction of curl pattern, beginning at base. Continue spinning through the ends, letting it drop with no further disruptions.

  4. Dry completely under a hooded dryer.

  5. Apply Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment to 100-percent dry hair in upward scrunch motion to soften the set.

  6. Create curl expansion, adding volume and shape by finger pushing select curls towards the base.


Apply L’ANZA Keratin Oil Lustrous Shine Spray for a glossy finish that doesn’t break down product and also doubles as a hair perfume.

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