How-To: Longer-Lasting Blowout

Written by Surface TeamJul 11, 2020

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For a beautiful, healthy, longer-lasting blowout, Surface’s new Blowout Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil collection just may be the answer. Skipping multiple days between blowouts can cause a client’s hair to become dry and undernourished. And traditional blow dry products use plastics and nylons to fast-dry and create volume while using harsh aromas to mask scents between washes. Surface Blowout products deliver sustained moisture and omega-rich nutrients with a unique blend of babassu seed oil and cannabis sativa seed oil blend, free of plastics and nylons. Nourishing botanicals allow for fast drying, high shine and lasting volume with the naturally soothing and fresh aromas of maracuja and lychee.

The three products in the new collection include:

1. Primer: A lightweight memory spray that is best misted onto damp hair before starting a blowout. For added hair memory and body, mist each section again before round brushing. This will become your round brush’s best friend.
2. Texture Spray: Spray onto dry hair for maximum texture. Flip hair upside-down and spray liberally into hair for an explosion of texture and volume. The clear finishing powder leaves hair full and airy.
3. Dry Oil Spray: Mist your finished blowout daily for mega shine and conditioning. Dry Oil Spray nourishes, protects and refreshes hair to extend the life of a blowout.

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