Get The Look: Crown Jewels

Written by Surface TeamNov 9, 2021

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When it comes to the busy holiday season a simple, classic style is key. Follow these easy steps to achieve a glamorous look for you or your salon guest with this bejeweled classic style created by Surface Social Team Style Expert Jessica Domoney (@jessicadomoney).


  • Evenly distribute Surface Blow Oil Protective Oil through hair for shine and heat protection.
  • Pump Surface Airlift at the root for an explosion of volume, and lightly back comb.
  • Spray Blowout Finishing Spray over entire head for added heat protection and hold. Comb through each section to evenly distribute product prior to curling.
  • Wrap two-inchwide sections alternated with one-inch wide sections of hair around an acrylic wand and pin to cool. Repeat for entire crown, top of the head and sides.
  • Create a very smooth right side by wrapping towards her face and pin to cool.
  • For extra volume, curl left side away from the face and pin to cool.
  • Below crown, simply curl, let cool, and then individually break up each section while using Blowout Finishing Spray to set curls into place.
  • Spray Airlift at root of fringe and gently back comb. Apply Blowout Finishing Spray for extra hold, curl away from face and gently comb into place.
  • Smooth right side into place, and pin just behind ear. Dress up this classic style with a few rhinestones and spray into place using Blowout Finishing Spray.


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