How-To: Create Gigi Hadid Glamour Waves

Written by Surface TeamFeb 18, 2022

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  1. Apply a dime size amount of Blowout Smoothing Balm to damp hair and brush through to evenly distribute. Amount may differ according to hair length and density.

    Glamour Waves Step

  2. Blow dry until 80% dry and then use a round brush to smooth ends until completely dry

    Glamour Waves Step

  3. Use your fingers to take a halo section from the high point of the head to the occipital bone and clip out of the way

    Glamour Waves Step

  4. Apply a small drop of Blowout Smoothing Balm to fingertips and smooth the front section to bring back to a low ponytail below the occipital bone under the clipped section. Drop the clipped-up section and use Blowout Finishing Spray to create soft hold to your front section.

    Glamour Waves StepGlamour Waves Step

  5. Using a 1 ¼” curling wand, take vertical sections the same width as your iron. Curl each section back away from the face. Let hair cool before final step.

    Glamour Waves Step

  6. To complete the look, lightly mist Blowout Finishing Spray onto your Surface TK2 Paddle Brush and glide through your back section to smooth your iron curls into soft, beautiful waves.

    Glamour Waves Step

Pro Tips:

For extra smoothing and shine, add another drop or two of Blowout Smoothing Balm to your fingertips and smooth through the ends after brushing. For extra glamour add a clip or hair piece just behind the ear.
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