How To Keep Textured Hair Frizz Free

Written by Surface TeamMay 4, 2021

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What is the number one challenge our textured hair guests experience? Fighting frizz. Our textured hair guests have extra bends in their hair. The kinkier the curl, the more it bends, and each bend in the hair strand causes bonds to stretch and the cuticle to raise causing loss in moisture. Surface Curls addresses this by delivering certified organic cocoa butter, babassu oil, and flexible amaranth protein that melt into the hair, soothing brittle, frizzy texture on contact. Rich vitamin K provides hair with healthy elasticity and control while omega-3 and fatty acids moisturize. 
Follow these essentials to achieve and maintain beautiful, frizz free, shiny, healthy textured hair from the inside out.

Essential #1: Shampoo and Condition with Surface Curls Shampoo

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Naturally cleanse and deeply condition with moisturizing cocoa butter and hydrating Babassu oil to create the perfect pallet for frizz free styling.

Essential #2: Deep Moisture Treatment with Curls Intensive Masque

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Achieve maximum moisture with the weightless penetration of moringa and babassu oil, cocoa butter, omega-3 and 6. Maintain maximum moisture by using in place of Surface Curls Conditioner at minimum every five shampoo’s. For maximum results, begin your journey to healthy, frizz free texture with a Surface Curls Masque Bake. 

Essential #3 Leave in Conditioning with Surface Curl Whip Mousse

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Detangle, hydrate, lock in moisture, and add shine with the weightless penetration of babassu oil, cocoa butter, omega-3 and 6. Heat protect with Tourmaline infusion.

Essential Step #4 Frizz Free Styling with your choice of Surface Curls Stylers
Whether you are looking to smooth your texture or define your curls, Surface Curls has got you covered. Glycoproteins derived from sugar interlock into the cuticle and cortex to provide styling hold and curl control. Heat styling is now good for curls as Tourmaline locks the glycoproteins into the hair reducing frizz and adding style longevity.

For smooth styling, try: 

5. Surface Smooth Model 

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1. Curls Frizz Free Styling Gel  
2. Curls Smoothing Cream
3. Curls Finishing Spray - Thermal Protect
4. Curls Serum 

To define curls, try:

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1. Curls Frizz Free Styling Gel 
2. Curls Firm Mousse
3. Curls Finishing Spray – Wet & Dry
4. Curls Cream Wax 
5. Curls Serum 

Learn more or become a Certified Curl and Textured Hair Specialist by visiting    

8. Surface Curls 350

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