5 Express Services You Should Be Offering Your Clients

Written by SalonCentric TeamJul 30, 2020

Read time 5 min


Ask any stylist who’s gone back to work, and they will tell you that express services are trending right now. Not only do they help get your clients in and out of your chair quickly, but they’re profit drivers which are definitely needed in this climate. Check out these five express services recommended by Surface to address your clients’ needs and to help build your bottom line.

To Repair and Rebuild:

  • Liberally spread Purify thoroughly to dry hair. Then mist hair with water and massage until a light lather builds. Place a plastic cap over hair and place under heated dryer for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Apply Trinity One Shot to hair, focusing on the damaged areas of hair.
  • Add on Bassu Masque over One Shot, applying to damaged areas and working from the ends up.
  • Stream Bassu Oil liberally into damaged areas and massage in. Cover with plastic cap and place under heated dryer for five minutes. Remove cap, but do not rinse. Blow dry and style hair. 
  • For the Pre-Color Protein Filler step, when rebuilding porous hair prior to a hair color service, apply the same as above however leave on the 'capped' applied treatment for 10 minutes under a heated dryer. Do not rinse, and comb hair smooth, then dry. Mist hair with Trinity Repair Tonic, then apply color filler.

To Brighten Your Blondes:

  • Shampoo out lightener with Bassu Moisture Shampoo, but do not comb out hair.
  • Apply Violet Nourishing Masque liberally to towel dried hair.
  • Spread Bassu Oil liberally over the Violet Masque and massage in.
  • Cap and place under preheated dryer for 10 minutes, then rinse.
  • Apply a small amount of Violet Masque and leave in hair as you style. To create a smooth look, use Violet Blow Dry Cream.

To Hydrate Curls:

  • Shampoo twice with Curls Shampoo, then saturate hair with Curls Masque from scalp to ends. Do not rinse out.
  • Next, apply Curls Serum on top of Curls Masque and do not rinse.
  • Apply Curl Whip Leave-In Conditioner all over and do not rinse out.
  • Lightly separate hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Diffuse with high heat and low air flow until completely dry.

To Help Thinning Hair:

An in-demand salon treatment, the 10-minute Awaken Scalp Facial helps address hair loss and thinning hair due to alopecia, postpartum, stress, seasonal rapid loss, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp and/or an oily scalp. This simple five-step solution stimulates cellular rejuvenation to create a healthy scalp for longer, thicker, stronger hair.

To Promote Color Retention:
Let your client enjoy longer lasting color with the Trinity Color Lock Treatment. This four-step regimen goes beyond color-safe with the highest level of amaranth protein—which is also known as the “Never Fading Flower” for its natural UV resistance and color protection—to keep your color work for longer.