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Written by Surface TeamJul 11, 2022

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Winter harshness and stress are often the culprits for scalp outbreaks and excessive hair loss during this time of the year. But you can help your clients counteract these effects by nourishing their scalp and hair with Surface’s Awaken Therapeutic System. It’s a clear and simple solution for treating thinning hair, alopecia, postpartum hair loss, stress induced hair loss, seasonal rapid loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, and oily scalp. Here, the steps to teach your client for reviving their scalp and hair.

Step 1:

surface-Step - Elixir

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Awaken Scalp Elixir aids the scalp’s ability to produce robust, fuller hair by maximizing cellular rejuvenation, reducing DHT for a healthier scalp and environment for hair to grow. Use Awaken Scalp Elixir prior to shampooing. Mist scalp with Elixir, massage for one minute, leave on and then follow with Awaken Shampoo. 

Step 2:

surface-Step 2 Awaken Shampoo 

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Lather up twice with Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo. Cleanse with a one-minute scalp massage during the second lather and rinse. Cayenne, peppermint oil and mint will stimulate the scalp and follicle with luxurious sulfate-free bubbles. The scalp will begin to feel a cooling and soothing effect as Awaken Shampoo begins to do its work. 

Step 3: 

 surface-Step 3 hair Masque

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Masque, masque, masque with this specially formulated treatment to nourish, detoxify and rejuvenate the scalp. For maximum relief and nourishment, massage in Awaken and leave on for seven minutes before rinsing. 

Step 4: 

 surface-Step 4 Elixer

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Use Elixir one more time. Awaken Elixir aids in the delivery of the final treatment, so it’s important not to skip this step. Once hair is towel-dry, mist the scalp one last time with Awaken Elixir. Then massage in and leave in. Do not rinse. Sandalwood stimulates the scalp, speeding up the delivery of D-Biotin to mourish the hair follicle and scalp. 

Step 5:

surface-Step 5 Treatment Drops

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At this point, the scalp will definitely be rejuvenated and strengthened. Apply Awaken Therapeutic drops to the scalp, massaging in and then leave on. Do not rinse. Micro minerals and botanicals revitalize and nourish the scalp for healthy, youthful skin and hair growth. Saw Palmetto works to decrease DHT encouraging a healthy follicle for fuller hair. 

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