How To Create A Killer Bio For Your Digital Porfolio

Written by SalonCentric TeamJan 15, 2021

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“Personalize. Humanize. Connect. Find your people.” That’s the philosophy behind Canvas Me, the new marketing tool every beauty service provider needs to be in the know about to power up their business and career in 2021. Think of it as a LinkedIn for the beauty industry with a network of e-portfolios built-in to help network, collaborate, find new career and mentorship opportunities, and celebrate your work. 

More than just a typical job board, Canvas Me offers a streamlined ability to connect on full-/part-time work, collaborations, mentorships, backstage and behind-the-scenes opps, brand educator roles, event assistant work and chair/suite rentals. Beauty pros, students, salon and suite owners, schools and brands can all tap into the magic of the platform to with just a click of a button.

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Source: Courtesy of Canvas Me 

At the foundation of the platform are the professional/student/business portfolios that showcase and market members to the network at-large. And at the heart of each portfolio is the bio. “This is not just storytelling of ‘I went to school, I worked here, I had a couple of years of experience there. Everyone has a story of experiences, and your experience matters, but your story from a place of deep purpose is what will make you stand out,” says co-founder Jen Martinelli. Check out the video above to hear co-founders Jen and Matt Martinelli’s top 10 tips for creating a killer bio.

And to learn more, listen to Jen and Matt Martinelli talking about the why behind Canvas Me and for more info, check out the site at

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