Digital Face Mapping With Dermalogica

Written by Dermalogica TeamMay 1, 2020

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Dermalogica is built on the conversation between our skin experts and their clients to help them achieve their healthiest skin ever. Digital Face Mapping® streamlines the journey from skin analysis to connecting clients with a live expert that can help them find their perfect products in one smart app. Digital Face Mapping® is AI driven skin analysis, combining the expertise of Dermalogica’s professional skin therapists with artificial intelligence to identify changing skin conditions, and recommend personalized products through

How well does your client know their skin?

Skin is unique and ever-changing. Dermalogica's professional approach to skin analysis is designed to help clients truly understand their skin and achieve their skincare goals. Diagnostic AI driven assessment gives them insight into their skin’s needs to help make smarter, more effective decisions when it comes to their daily skin health.

How our AI-driven analysis works

It’s as easy as taking a selfie. Our diagnostic AI uses data from thousands of digital skin assessments to evaluate clients’ skin and help them discover the products that are right for them. Digital Face Mapping’s image recognition system helps detect and define skin’s conditions by assessing dryness, dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and oil production. This program, backed by over 30 years of research by the International Dermal Institute, helps “read” the skin and translates what it finds into an easy to follow profile.

Customized product recommendations

Clients will receive a complete recap of each detected condition and possible underlying causes along with personalized products to treat them. After receiving their profile, clients can click on the customized products to learn more and shop They’ll also receive a full skin fitness plan designed specifically for their skin.

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Questions? Connect with an expert

This is your client’s chance to connect with a skin expert who understands their skin and can answer their skin questions via one on one live chat. Our expert skin therapists take the guesswork out of skincare and help them navigate the most effective product choices all from their smart device.

Choosing the right skin care routine

Skin is more than just a “type,” it’s a complex equation of environmental and genetic factors and it changes every day. Lucky for your clients, we’ve curated easy skin kits with our most popular treatments expertly customized to target some of their most common concerns. And you can easily give them a custom skin analysis with Digital Face Mapping® to help take the guesswork out of their skincare routine. Scroll below for recommended kits to address the universal skin health essentials every skin needs.

Healthy Skin Kit

The perfect introduction to Dermalogica. This collection of our favorite products is a complete regimen for all skin types. Have your clients try it today to see why Dermalogica is the #1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide. Featuring:

Sensitive Skin Rescue Kit: Serious relief for sensitive skin. Inflammatory flare ups from environmental factors can plague sensitive skin. The good news is, avoiding triggers can reduce or eliminate sensitization symptoms. When triggers can’t be avoided (think pollution, environment and temperature), symptoms can be managed with the following routine. This powerful trio calms, soothes, hydrates and helps defend sensitive skin against future flare-ups. Featuring:

Clear and Brighten Kit

Stress, hormonal changes, lifestyle and environment can lead to breakouts and for most of us, we still struggle with breakouts well into adulthood. As skin ages, slower cell turnover and increased inflammation mean uneven skin tone after our breakouts heal, making skin look older than it really is. Targeting breakouts and premature skin aging, this trio contains highly active ingredients to clear breakouts, smooth skin and prevent scarring for consistently clear, healthy skin. Featuring:

Age Defense Kit

Skin aging is a complex process. While genetics play a role in how our skin ages, our environment is what accelerates signs of aging beyond its years. From smoggy cities to sunny windows, the triggers of skin damage are everywhere but a little prevention goes a long way! Targeted ingredients in our everyday skincare help safeguard skin against breakdown and can delay visible signs of aging, so it’s crucial to protect and support skin with key ingredients at every age. These powerful multitaskers defend skin against the elements and fight premature skin aging. Featuring: