How To: Galaxy Hair

Written by Matrix TeamMay 17, 2018

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How To: Galaxy Hair

"I gave her a melted oil slick look with muted metallic tones"
- Cory Hoffman @coryhoffmanhair

A: Light Master * Bond Ultim8 & 10 vol
B: 6:1 dusty purple * black & 20 vol
C: flamenco fuchsia & 20 vol
D: bubblegum pink & 10 vol
E: 1:1 dusty teal * mermaid teal & 10 vol
F: sweet mint & 10 vol
G: 3:1 disco silver * stonewashed denim & 10 vo

Section the hair in four quadrants, and start at the nape using
a balayage technique with Formula A. Process for up to 50
mins at room temperature. Rinse thoroughly.


Creating horizontal sections 2 inches apart around the
entire head. Secure each section with a clip. starting at the
nape apply Formula B to the base and with in each section,
alternate Formula C, D, E, F & G throughout mid-lengths &
ends. Process for up to 20 minutes at room temperature.

Apply Bond Ultim8 Step 2 for 10 mins
Shampoo and condition with
Total Results Color Obsessed


How To: Galaxy Hair


How To: Galaxy Hair

Photography: Courtesy of Matrix