How To: Electric Hair

Written by Matrix TeamMay 17, 2018

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How To: Electric Hair

"She is very fiery and energetic so I was inspired by that"
- Guyanne Chivichyvan @guyannescissorhands

A: Light Master+Oil Additive+ Bond Ultim8+30 Volume Matrix Developer
B: Light Master + Bond Ultim8 + 20 vol
C: Light Master + Bond Ultim8+ 10 vol
D: neon yellow
E: disco silver
F: mermaid teal

Apply Formula A to the base, between each subsection
place foil to trap heat. Apply Formula B to the midlengths
to remove banding. Apply Formula C to the ends.
Process for up to 50 minutes at room temperature. Rinse
thoroughly, lightly shampoo.

Get To It
Apply Formula D to the base and Melt the ends with
Formula E. Apply Formula F using a very small paint brush
following the design in the undercut. Process for up to 20-
30 minutes at room temperature.

Apply Bond Ultim8 Step 2 for 10 mins
Shampoo and condition with
Total Results Re-bond

How To: Electric Hair


How To: Electric Hair

Photography: Courtesy of Matrix