Pro Tips For Salon Branding

Written by Glammatic Education TeamApr 23, 2024

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Creating a winning salon brand goes way beyond just a logo. A purposeful brand strategy can help clients recognize and feel more connected to a salon or beauty professional. This brand perception comes together through important pieces of their salon branding. Experts like Glammatic can help lay the groundwork for creating an impactful salon brand that attracts your ideal client. Read on to learn more about the basics of branding, business and growing revenue.

What is salon branding?

Everything matters when building a salon’s brand, from the name, logo, and interior design to how they communicate with customers and create an atmosphere. The goal is to develop a cohesive identity that appeals to the ideal clientele. Branding transforms a salon from just another business into a beloved brand. Keep in mind that branding goes hand-in-hand with salon marketing. Once the brand personality is defined, beauty professionals can leverage it across their marketing materials and campaigns to attract ideal customers.

Why is salon branding important?

A solid brand can set a salon apart from competing businesses, as it builds trust and makes it easier for potential clients to remember.

Five Questions to Help Build an Effective Salon Brand

  1. How do you communicate with clients? What do your branding elements say about you?
  2. What tone and voice capture your ideal salon personality?
  3. Does your name and logo reflect your salon's essence?
  4. Do your colors and fonts help you stand out in the industry?
  5. Do your visuals showcase your aesthetic and services?

Get Clear On Your Ideal Client

Ask these questions when considering your ideal client:

  1. What hair struggles or priorities do they have that you can help with? Get specific on cuts, colors and services they love.
  2. What values get them excited? Maybe self-care, sustainability or self-expression?
  3. How do you want them to feel while visiting your salon?