Increase Revenue With This Fall Hair Repair Add-On Treatment

Written by Olaplex TeamOct 20, 2021

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As this season transitions from fall to winter, your clients are going to need some serious moisture and repair. Between any lasting damage from the summer and cooler drier weather rolling in, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got plenty of backbar treatments to repair, hydrate, and combat damaged hair. 

how to use olaplex moisture mask

OLAPLEX’s 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask is a salon service suitable for each and every one of your clients. Its highly concentrated formula is easy to apply and takes just ten minutes, making it a quick and easy add-on that can increase your revenue and amp up your backbar services. Add it to your menu to ensure your client’s hair stays safe in frigid winter weather and dry indoor conditions.

Apply one to three  pumps to freshly shampooed hair and work in from mid-lengths to ends. After 10 minutes just rinse and style. No heat necessary. Just remember, a little goes a long way. For some clients, half a pump is plenty.

And, don’t forget to end the service by recommending N°8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask as a take home product to support the 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask Treatment they received in the salon. Make sure you remind them a little goes a long way and that one to three pumps is enough, applied to freshly shampooed hair. After 10 minutes, rinse, and style as desired.  

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