5 Ways To Become A More Sustainable Salon

Written by Amika TeamMay 6, 2021

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It may not be top of mind, but salons generate a lot of beauty waste daily. Those foils from a single color service? Likely tossed into the trash. But according to Beauty World News, “95% of all aluminum can be recycled over and over again, including the foils and color tubes used in salons. Properly recycled, this will help to reduce the need for more landfill space, reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, and decrease the amount of toxins going into our landfill sites.” Here, five eco-friendly tips for creating a more sustainable salon.

Purchase larger refill sizes when you can. Backbar and refill sizes are a great way to use less packaging, eliminate waste, and save money. One backbar size bottle of the amika Wizard Detangling Primer will refill a retail size bottle over four times. You can also encourage clients to purchase liter bottles the next time they want to stock up on their favorite shampoo and conditioner to reduce plastic waste. 
Join TerraCycle™. To reduce amika's virgin plastic production, the brand has partnered with TerraCycle™ to create a free recycling program for all packaging, except aerosols. Plans to expand the partnership to include aerosols are in the works and, in the meantime, amika recommends you recycle aerosol cans via your local recycling facility. Collect your empties and send them in to TerraCycle™ using a free shipping label. You can even take this a step further by incentivizing your clients to recycle their empties at the salon for a discount on their next purchase. 

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Plants, plants, plants. Fill your salon with a variety of plants to produce oxygen. You can even repurpose empty product containers as planters. amika mask tubs make great homes for new plants.  

Use environmentally conscious cleaning products. If you’re able to, opt for cleaning products that are more earth-friendly. Not only are you being a friend to the planet, but you’re also being an amazing friend to your clients by using non-toxic cleaning products within the salon environment.
Cut down on energy and paper waste. Even small fixes like energy-efficient bulbs and conscious water usage can make an impact on your salon’s waste output. You can also minimize paper waste by reducing or eliminating paper products in your salon altogether. 
And don’t forget to share your sustainability stories with your clients to inspire them to make changes, too. An impact starts when all our friends start making little changes. 

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