How To Create Styler Waves

Written by Amika TeamFeb 18, 2021

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To help up your styling game, amika Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond walks you through this easy-to-follow how-to for achieving styler waves. Learn proper tool usage and precise ironwork to improve how you use your tools.

Products Used:
amika Confidante Styler 
Tail Comb
Grooming Brush
Sectioning Clips
amika Blockade Heat Defense Serum
amika Un.Done Texture Spray
amika Heist Molding Blend

Start off by applying a few pumps of the Blockade Heat Defense serum—for up to 450 degrees of heat protection—all throughout the hair.


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It is recommended not to clip the hair up into traditional sections. Instead, grab the hair and create waves as you move around the head. Starting in the front, pick up a 1” to 2” section to begin your wave.


Place hair into the styler at a slight angle, rotate under, pull the styler out, grab and secure the top of your section. 


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Then place styler below the previous wave and rotate over. Repeat until you get to the end of the section, leaving the ends straight.  


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For the next section, angle your styler differently (for example, try holding the styler parallel to the floor instead of diagonally). This will give the look a more un-done and natural wave feel.


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Repeat this technique all throughout the hair, continuing to vary the placement and angle of your styler as you go.


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Once all of the hair has been waved, spray Un.Done texture spray throughout for a matte, voluminous finish. 


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Use your fingers to massage and break up the wave.


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Use a grooming brush to further loosen the waves with a few light strokes through the ends to create a more lived-in finish.


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Next, use Heist Molding Blend to create added definition and separation throughout the ends.


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With the remaining product residue on your hand, press the roots to smooth out any flyaways without disturbing the texture of your finished waves.


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