What I Learned About Beauty From My Abuela with Nubia Rezo

Written by SalonCentric TeamSep 23, 2023

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Abuela knows best. Throughout Hispanic culture, there are few more universally beloved and revered than the grandmother. Affectionately known as ‘abuelita,’ they are the pillar of every Hispanic and Latinx family, often passing down their wisdom and experience to not just one generation, but two or more. And for many, abuelas are instrumental in shaping their views on beauty and wellness. They’re the OG DIY-ers with an arsenal of tips and tricks to rival any Instagram influencer or TikTok-er. Tune in to our weekly series to hear leading beauty professionals and founders share what they learned about beauty from their abuelitas.

Over the past 40 years, Nubia Rëzo, founder and CEO of rëzo Hair Care and Rëzo Salon, has made her mark in the beauty industry as a New York-based master stylist, educator and go-to curl expert. Her innovative approach to curly haircutting, and deep appreciation for curly hair care led to the development of her signature rëzoCut in 2011, the establishment of the rëzo Academy in 2016 to train stylists on her cutting and coloring techniques, the launch of the rëzo brand in 2018, and the opening of the rëzo flagship salon on Madison Avenue in New York City in 2020.

Listen as Nubia shares what she learned about beauty from her abuela.