Ultra Matte Step-By-Step

Written by Japonesque TeamMar 6, 2019

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Get an airbrushed finish that’s camera ready – no retouching needed with JAPONESQUE®’s airbrushed finish technique. Simply add a dime sized amount of Kumadori® Loose Finishing Powder to 3 pumps of Luminous Foundation to achieve a silky, matte, soft-focus effect.
1. Prep and prime skin by blending 2-3 pumps of Velvet Touch® Primer onto the face.
2. Perfect skin by mixing 3 pumps of Luminous Foundation with a dime size amount of Kumadori® Loose Finishing Powder. Using the Kumadori® Beauty Sponge, blend mixture into the skin until smooth.
3. For an ultra-matte airbrushed look, apply a thin layer of the Kumadori® Loose Finishing Powder to forehead and cheeks using the Domed Powder Brush.
1. Create definition by using the Velvet Touch® Face Palette. With the Curved Contour Brush, apply the contour shade to the cheek bones drawing the brush upwards towards the temple.
2. Using the Blush Brush apply blush shade of choice from the Velvet Touch® Face Palette to the apples of the cheeks.
3. Finish by sweeping a sheer layer of the highlight powder from the Velvet Touch® Face Palette across the tops of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and in the cupids bow of the lip.
1. Brighten the eyes by applying Pixelated Color® Eyelighter under the eyes and on top of the eye lids using the Precision Baking Brush.
2. Define the eyes by applying a thin line of Velvet Touch® Eye Pencil in brown to the top and bottom lash lines. Soften the look using the Eye Smudger Brush to buff and blend the eye pencil on the lower lash line.
3. Frame the eyes by filling brows using the Kumadori® Dual Ended Brow Pencil. Start by using the angled tip to shape and define the top and bottom edge of your brow. Next use the oval tip to mimic hair and fill in sparse areas.
1. Complete the look by applying Kumadori® Lipstick in Silk to the lips using the All Over Lip Brush.
Lock in the look with JAPONESQUE Makeup Setting Spray, misting it in a circular motion over the entire face.
Photography: Courtesy of Japonesque
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