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Written by Sparks TeamAug 10, 2021

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Have you ever found yourself formulating your way through a hair transformation and thought, “If only I could use the same tube of color from roots to ends to get a tone-on-tone match?” Thanks to SPARKS’ line up of permanent colors and demi-permanents in 80+ rich tonal blends, you have access to a color tool in your arsenal that not only gives you space on your shelves, but also in your budget. 

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Plus, the SPARKS Color Transformer is the latest innovation to help you achieve accuracy in your targeted hair goals. By adding in a few drops of the Color Transformer to any SPARKS permanent shade and mixing with 13-Volume, you can create a demi-permanent result. Color Transformer allows you to color with a lower pH so that you can safely apply to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair for a gentle deposit and high gloss finish. When adding in Color Transformer, you’re softening the effects of the ammonia in your formula without sacrificing the tonality or vibrancy of your color.

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Pro Tip

Keeping the integrity of the hair should always come first when walking clients through hair color transformations. Remember, the less porous the hair, the longer the color will last.

Check out how SPARKS Color Transformer works. And when you shop through August 31st, 2021 and purchase two developers, you can get Color Transformer for 50% OFF!



SPARKS permanent hair color is formulated with a Dual Action Color System. This means that whether you mix for permanent results or demi-permanent results, you can color with confidence knowing that the Dual Action Color System is working simultaneously to repair past damage on the inner and outer structure of the hair.

Watch to see SPARKS’ Dual Action Color System at work. And Dont miss out on your chance to stock up your inventory with SPARKS during the Semi-Annual Color Sale. All color is $3.85 per tube through August 31st.  


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