Expert Tips For Perfecting Curl Patterns

Written by Redken TeamJul 2, 2024

Read time 5 min

Redken ABC Curls

Whether a stylist is working with clients who are newly embracing their curls or those who have been celebrating their natural hair for years, there’s always a lot to consider regarding product formulas. Some ingredients can be universally damaging to curl patterns”, while other can become problematic with overuse.

For curly and coily hair patterns, sulfates, silicones and parabens tend to fall under the “harmful” category because they act as surfactants which break down the oils on the scalp and hair. Due to the bends and curvature of the hair, the external structure of curls are seven times more vulnerable to breakage and dryness. Using products containing these surfactant puts more stress on the hair's internal bonds, causing frizz and a disrupted curl pattern.

To combat these curly hair concerns, stylists can use specially formulated products like Redken’s new silicone-free bonding care system of Acidic Bonding Curls and Curl Stylers, which restores the pattern of processed, damaged curls and coils. Read on to learn more about how each product line is best suited for clients with curly hair patterns.


Acidic Bonding Curls is Redken’s first silicone-free bonding range that restores the pattern of processed, damaged curls and coils. This product line includes pattern restoring shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment, making it ideal for clients with processed and damaged curls wanting to restore the health of their natural curl pattern. The Acidic Bonding Curls line is formulated with Curl-Bond Technology and powered by citric acid, glycine and urea to penetrate the hair follicle to build bonds and repair curl strength from the inside.


Redken’s silicone-free hydrating styling range is dedicated for clients with curly and coily hair, consisting of a hydrating curl cream, sculpting curl gel and refreshing curl mist. The Curl Stylers line is ideal for stylists wanting hydrating styling products that define and enhance their clients’ pattern for up to 72 hours and refresh curls for up to seven days. Redken’s Curl Stylers contain squalane and jojoba oil, which are ingredients inspired by the hair’s natural moisturizing oils, to keep clients’ hair hydrated, defined and frizz-free.