Celebrating LGBTQ+ Voices in Beauty

Written by SalonCentric TeamJun 11, 2021

Read time 5 min


Through words and actions, SalonCentric is striving to bring equality, inclusivity, visibility and support to the LGBTQ+ beauty community, with a commitment to developing an atmosphere where every member feels included, and all can thrive and are uplifted.

Highlighting LGBTQ+ beauty leaders and advocates in honor of Pride Month, SalonCentric presents a roundtable discussion, “Celebrating LGBTQ+ Voices in Beauty,” featuring #ItTakeAProTeam artists Christopher Aaron Smith, L’ANZA International Healing Artist; Daniel Mason-Jones, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist; and Jamal Edmonds, Mizani x Redken Ambassador. 

Listen as they discuss their compelling, compassionate and candid stories about bringing inclusivity and empathy to their careers and lives, while reflecting on the significance of Pride and what it means to them. Plus, the conversation touches on how you can better support and be an ally to the LGBTQ+ beauty community because together, we are beauty.

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