Pucker Up For National Lipstick Day

Written by Sarah DawsonJul 27, 2023

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National Lipstick Day 2023
Source: Courtesy of Jason Wu Beauty

In celebration of this month’s National Lipstick Day, makeup artists are embracing the Barbie makeup aesthetic, incorporating all things pink, bold, and feminine to tap into the spirit of nostalgia meets modernity. With one simple swipe of a lippy, beauty pros can transform any client’s look into a powerful Barbiecore statement that channels the iconic doll’s brand of confidence and infectious happiness.

Check out these 12 pink hues to bring your client’s Barbiecore dreams to life.

1. Organic Lipstick

Luka Cosmetics

The Vulvux Organic Lipstick in Poppy is a creamy, blue-based pink tone that provides long-lasting, full coverage without feathering.

2. Mousse Lipstick

Dose of Colors

This Velvet Mousse Lipstick in Plush imparts a delivers a soft matte finish that partially dries down, leaving lips feeling light and airy.

3. Matte Liquid Lipstick

La Parfait Cosmetics

The Matte Liquid Lipstick in Legend Pink is a waterproof, ultra-matte lipstick with the staying power of a stain coupled with the intense pigment of a liquid lipstick.

4. Lip Liner

Glo Skin Beauty

The Precision Lip Liner in Coral Crush defines lips in a vibrant coral shade with a satin finish, perfect for all-day wear.

5. Semi-Matte Lipstick


The Kumadori Lipstick in Silk is the perfect nude-pink shade that delivers long-lasting full, semi-matte coverage.

6. Lip Balm

Sigma Beauty

This universally flattering, pH-activated lip balm conditions the lips while adding a subtle tint of pink in the shade called Dewy.

7. Lip Oil

Rude Cosmetics

This moisturizing stain in Strawberry gradually turns lips pink based on the skin’s pH level.

8. Multi-Purpose Lipstick

Jason Wu Beauty

The Hot Fluff Velvet Lipstick in Souffle is a triple threat, formulated to seamlessly transition from a weightless, matte lipstick into an easily blendable blush or eye shadow.

9. Lip Gloss


This High Gloss formula in Candy creates a supple super-gloss effect in a perfectly subtle shade of pink. 

10. Crème Lipstick

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

This Mineral Crème Lipstick in Dragon Fruit is highly pigmented, containing a blend a natural oils and vitamins for maximum hydration.

11. Lip-Plumping Gloss

Grande Cosmetics

GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in Pale Rose is a high-gloss, volumizing lip plumper in a subtle pink-rose shade.

12. Lip Stain

Palladio Beauty

This matte lip stain in Orchid produces a soft pink hue that lasts all-day without drying the lips thanks to its hydrating but waterproof formula.