Metallic Mauve Rose Mix

Written by Matrix TeamMay 1, 2018

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Metallic Mauve Rose Mix



Lightener Formula: 1:1 Light Master & 30 Volume MATRIX Cream
& BOND Ultim8

Formula A: SOCOLOR Level 6 Metallic Violet Mauve & 20 Volume
MATRIX Cream Developer

Formula B: SOCOLOR 8CC
Formula C: Color Sync Rose Gold
Formula D: Color Sync Smokey Lilac
Formula E: Color Sync Sheer Bronze


Create a diamond-shaped section at the crown of the head. Create a profile
parting beginning at the crown point through to the nape. Clip to secure.
Create a radial parting beginning at each side point of the diamond to the
top of the ear. Clip to secure.


Using a feather-like motion, freehand Lightener Formula to the midlengths
and then blend up towards the new-growth area in all quadrants.
Next, working in diamond-shaped section, using 1 inch sub-sections lightly
backcomb then macro weave this section and freehand Lightener Formula
onto mid-lengths and isolate with foil.

Process until desired lightness is achieved or up to 50 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly and dry hair.


Section into quadrants. Next, working around the face frame create a weave
and alternate Formulas A & B until this section complete, isolate with foil.
Using ¹⁄₂ inch sub-sections create a weave, separate the top and the bottom.
Place the bottom weave on a foil and begin color melt application with
Formula A at new growth then apply in sequential order formulas C, E & D.
On the top the order is A, B, C. Repeat this application method in all
quadrants until complete.
Mastery Point: Use the Kabuki Blurring Brush at the transition of your
formulas to blur to create seamless color graduation.
Process accordingly, rinse thoroughly.
Next, apply BOND Ultim8 Step 2 for 10 minutes then rinse. Cleanse and
condition using Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.

Photography: Courtesy of Matrix