Boost Retail Sales With Customized Client Toning Routines

Written by Matrix TeamApr 8, 2024

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Toners are an essential part of colorists’ toolkit for ensuring every client walks out the door with the perfect hue. However, keeping that color looking fresh and preventing it from turning brassy requires a dedicated at-home routine. Clients want to protect their investment but don’t always know how to do so. Colorists can help these clients by recommending and building an at-home color regimen that will keep their color looking its best in between appointments.

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Just like popular multi-step skincare routines, clients today are willing to invest in the right products to solve their biggest hair concerns. “Color maintenance is going to give your clients’ color the longevity they desire. The fact that you’re empowering clients to maintain their hair will prevent it from getting to a point where it appears faded and brassy,” says Matrix Global Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty).

From shampoos to toning sprays, you can create a customized regimen for your blonde and brunette clients that will up their at-home color care game. Matrix recently introduced two new toning conditioners to round out the brand’s award-winning So Silver and Brass Off ranges. The new Brass Off and So Silver Pigmented Conditioners now provide toning and care in one wash, delivering two times more moisture, as well as shiny, stronger hair.

Here, Matrix artists share their favorite toning product combos for at-home care and maintenance that also increase revenue when recommending toning products as a supplement to clients’ regular color care routine.

Source: Courtesy of @Sharon.SimplyInsane

“I love Brass Off because the blue-violet color-depositing formula delivers such a great toning result for brassy brondes, it really neutralizes that orange,” Matrix Brand Ambassador Sharon Spellman says. “Brass Off and So Silver toning conditioners will work wonders as long as you’re applying them correctly. If you’re observing unwanted yellow tones, use So Silver. If you’re observing unwanted orange tones, use Brass Off.” 

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“Brunettes need rich saturated color, so incorporating Instacure Anti-Breakage Shampoo to fill in the cuticle so that color can adhere evenly, then adding in Brass Off Blue Conditioner creates the perfect balance,” says Matrix Global Brand Ambassador George Papanikolas. “Using the pigmented conditioners leaves hair soft and nourished. Using all toning products at once can be too much pigment for hair, so ideally suggest one to your client. Conditioner for a light neutralization, Shampoo for medium, and Mask for full strength.” 

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For gray clients that have yellowed via oxidization, O’Connor recommends the So Silver range for more intense hydration and deeper intensity of neutralization. She says it’s important to use So Silver Conditioner because when hair is colored, it will naturally shift to the warmer side and gray shades will turn gold as a result of washing and the sun. 

“When you’re going into the highest levels of hair color, whether gray or platinum, the natural default is for hair to be warm and you have to constantly counteract that warmth,” says O’Connor. “So Silver’s purple pigments neutralize warm, yellow tones. I’d put my client on the entire system which includes shampoo, conditioner, a mask, and toning spray. I’m not a fan of mixing systems because I feel like the products work synergistically to achieve the best results for whatever it is I’m targeting.” 

To check out the full Matrix Brass Off and So Silver collections for all clients’ toning needs, click here.