Become A Certified Curl Pro To Grow Your Client Base

Written by Matrix TeamMay 1, 2024

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Matrix Curl Certification

Despite the popularity of the natural-hair movement where curly-haired consumers are embracing their natural texture, many stylists are not trained to work with curly hair. By overlooking this key demographic, salon owners and stylists are missing out on potential revenue and growing their clientele when they don’t offer services and retail products specifically for clients with textured hair.

Source: Courtesy of Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty)

To help stylists and salon owners master the art of curly hair, Matrix Curl Certification is a two-day immersive, hands-on workshop that was co-developed by Matrix with award-winning curl experts including Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty). Whether you’re looking to improve your existing skills or interested in creating opportunities for new clients, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of curly hair and give your business a boost. 

Source: Courtesy of Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty)

“We are living in a time where the curly hair demographic is growing exponentially. Most cosmetology schools aren’t placing an emphasis on curly hair education so a lot of people with curly hair have to take matters into their own hands. This workshop is important for stylists because it will legitimize their knowledge in working with clients with curly hair that will allow them to show their proficiency and expertise. If curly-haired services haven’t been part of your business then you have been missing out on an entire demographic of clients, and you’ll also see growth in your business as a result,” says O'Connor. 

Matrix Curl Certification will cover everything from blonding, color, and cutting techniques to modern styling methods on waves, curls, and coils. Participants will also learn about the several types of curls, their special characteristics, and how to create a custom look for every client. 

Source: Courtesy of Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty)

Matrix is one of the only professional hair brands that offers certification in two days at a very reasonable price of $399 or 26,600 LEVEL Points. The first workshop will be held on August 4th and 5th in Los Angeles, CA. Additional workshop dates will be announced soon on For more information and to register, click here.