Styling Tips For Type 2 Curl Patterns

Written by Matrix TeamMay 2, 2024

Read time 5 min

Matrix A Curl Can Dream

If clients have seen the viral TikTok “straight or wavy” hair test or are watching how-to tutorials online for styling wavy hair, they are probably looking for an alternative way to manage their hair so they can take a break from their blow dryers and straighteners. With 65 percent of the country’s population having coils, curls or waves and the movement to embrace natural texture still going strong, consumer education has become more crucial than ever, especially for those in-between wavy clients who can sometimes feel a bit lost when it comes to style their hair.

With wavy haired people, the common theme is to blow out their hair because finding products that give them wave definition without crunch or weighing their hair down can seem like an impossible task. That's why this line just makes sense. The combination of manuka honey and rose water are the perfect combination to give moisture and definition without the weigh down.

- Alex Torres

Matrix Digital Education Manager

Launching just in time for summer, the new Matrix A Curl Can Dream line is designed to meet the unique needs of clients with wavy hair. Created specifically for those with hair curl pattern two, the products deliver the moisture, frizz control and definition wavy hair craves, but without the dreaded weigh down that happens with traditional curl care ranges, which tend to provide a little too much nourishment for these clients. The real MVP of the line is the Scrunch N’ Go Defining Spray, the ultimate time saving product that will quickly become a staple in clients’ at-home routine.

Next time a wavy hair client is in the chair, introduce them to A Curl Can Dream Wave for added definition, smoothing frizz and give an effortless way to switch up their look when they don’t feel like straightening or curling their hair with heat tools.