How-To: Violet Color Melt

Written by Matrix TeamOct 10, 2019

Read time 5 min


Formula A: 1:1 SOCOLOR 4VA & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer
Formula B: 1:1 SOCOLOR 6VA & 20 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Create a center parting from the front hairline to the nape. Next, take a parting across the top of the head extending from top of the ear to top of the other ear,
secure sections for control.

In the front two sections, slice and alternate formula applications. On the first slice, apply Formula A to the new growth area, then apply Formula B to the mid-lengths and ends. On the second slice, apply Formula A to the new growth area through to the ends. Process accordingly, rinse thoroughly cleanse and condition using Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.
Photography: Courtesy of Matrix