How-To: Transition From Matrix Logics To SoColor And Color Sync

Written by SalonCentric TeamJul 29, 2021

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Source: Courtesy of Matrix

Change can be a good thing. As a Logics loyalist, Matrix Technical Director Dan Csicsai (@dancsicsaihair) explains making his transition from Logics to SoColor and Color Sync, including how it can help to provide you with the benefits that you need to succeed. Newer technologies within the SoColor and Color Sync formulas helped Dan see the opportunity to obtain different results that he couldn’t achieve by using Logics alone.

ColorSync-SoColor_Supporting ColorSync2222

Source: Courtesy of Matrix

While Logics users loved being able to achieve that translucent coverage, SoColor’s Dream Age Collection does just that and more. The Dream Age Collection provides mutli-reflective, radiant coverage with visible dimension and is perfect for clients needing 50-percent or more gray coverage. Looking for 100 percent coverage? The SoColor Extra Coverage Collection is a dedicated gray coverage line to achieve 100-percent coverage with uniform, full-bodied results. Take a deeper dive with Dan and explore the benefits of using SoColor and SoColor Sync in your salon.


Matrix Technical Director Dan Csicsai (@dancsicsaihair)

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