How To Refresh Extreme Fade And Brassiness

Written by L'Oréal Professionnel TeamJun 20, 2020

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Source: Courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel

For hair that’s too light, too dark or gone too long without some color love, here’s an easy way to refresh your client’s color and banish the fade and brass.

Regrowth Formula
• 1/2 6.1 + 1/2 6N Majirel or INOA
20 Volume Majicrème or INOA Rich Developer

Mid-length & Ends Formula
• 7N Majirel or INOA
9 Volume DIActivateur Developer Timing
• 60-120 Minutes

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Source: Courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel


If the mid-shaft and/or ends are severely faded in depth or tone, you will need to fill hair first for color durability.

1.  Apply new growth application with selected shade of Majirel or INOA.
2.  Mix and immediately apply a DIA Richesse shade one level lighter than your target level for extreme fading.
         • For Brassiness- Mix a DIA Richesse shade one level lighter in the .1 or .2 families (depending on unwanted tone)
3.  Process for 35 minutes.
4.  Rinse and Shampoo with Post Color Shampoo twice.
5.  Apply second gloss of desired final shade with DIA (Light or Richesse).
6.  Process until desired results are achieved (2-20 minutes).
7.  Rinse and Shampoo with Post Color Shampoo.
8.  Apply treatment of Powermix Color or Repair.
9.  Recommend Serie Expert’s Vitamino line for home care.

Beginning at $195

• $95 Retouch
• $80 (2) Gloss
• $20 Powermix

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