How-To: Rebalance An Extremely Grown Out Balayage

Written by L'Oréal Professionnel TeamJun 30, 2020

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Source: Courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel

For balayaged hair that’s suffering from the telltale signs of an extended root area or a severe demarcation, here’s a foolproof way to bring back the color to your client’s hair.

Highlight Formula

Multi-Techniques 8 Bonder Inside
30-Volume Majicrème Developer

Lowlight Formula

DIA Richesse 7.32
9-Volume DIActivateur Developer


• 1-2 hours depending on depth of work required and length


1. Divide the head from front to back
2. Clip away the crown in a triangular subsection
3. Depending on hair density use 1-2 inch wide diagonal back subsections working from the nape towards the crown.
4. Apply Multi Techniques 8 Bonder Inside in double and triple point application painting the surface of zones 1 and 2. Keeping firm tension, apply the lowlight DIA Richesse shade in the space between the two points, before continuing to fully saturate zone 3 with lightener.
5. Surface paint lowlights on zones 1 and 2 between balayage pieces to break up any lines of demarcation.
6. Between subsections, paint the lowlight formula in zones 1 and 2 in fine woven veils.
7. When applying the crown, move the hair around and let the natural growth patterns dictate sectioning.
8. Divide the front using the natural part as a guide.
9. Use 1 inch horizontal subsections painting single points at the hairline and multi-points toward the interior. Continuing to blend any lines of demarcation by filling in lowlights where they are needed
10. Apply treatment of Powermix Color

Beginning at $250
• $150 Balayage
• $80 (2) Gloss/Lowlight
• $20 Powermix