How-To: Create Ocean Hair With #SoColorCult Aquatics

Written by Matrix TeamFeb 20, 2019

Read time 5 min

Stevie English and Paul Falltrick creating a beautiful #SoColorCult #CoolAquatics before and after with Tropical Violet (Semi), Clear (Semi), Starfish Coral (Semi), Aqua Bay (Semi), and Retro Blue (Semi). Recreate this ocean hair with the formula below.

FORMULA A: Light Master * Bond Ultim8 & 30VOL
FORMULA B: Light Master * Bond Ultim8 & 20VOL
FORMULA C: ColorSync 10N + 10V (1:1)
FORMULA D: ColorSync 10V * 1 drop of 3VV
FORMULA E: 1:3 SoColor Cult Tropical Violet * Clear
FORMULA F: 2:1 SoColor Cult Starfish Coral * Clear
FORMULA G: SoColor Cult Aqua Bay
FORMULA H: 1:3 SoColor Cult Retro Blue * Clear
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