How-To: Ash Balayage

Written by Matrix TeamOct 10, 2019

Read time 5 min

Formula A: 1:1 Light Master & 30 Volume MATRIX Cream
Formula B: 1:1 Color Sync 7AA & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream

Formula C: 1:1 Color Sync 10A & 10 Volume MATRIX Cream


Create a parting from ear to ear, secure all the hair in the back. This is section 1. Clip to secure. Next, create a triangle section from top of the crown to the recession area on both sides. Secure; this is Section 2. Secure the remaining hair on each side for control; these are Sections 3 and 4.


Starting in nape region, take a diagonal slice of hair and apply Formula A using a freehand technique in a "V" shape from mid-lengths through the ends. Feather the formula up towards the scalp for a soft diffusion of color. Continue this application method until all sections completed. Process up to 50 minutes Rinse, lightly cleanse, and dry hair.

Resection hair into quadrants. Beginning at the nape region and using foils, macro-weave a sub-section, clip the top of your macro weave out of the way. Apply Formula B to the top section and Formula C to the bottom weave section.
Process up to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Cleanse and condition using Total Results Re-Bond Shampoo and Conditioner.
Photography: Courtesy of Matrix