How-To: Achieve Major Volume On Fine Hair

Written by Matrix TeamSep 12, 2020

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If your guests have fine hair, you know they feel the discouraging task of doing their hair everyday just to have it fall flat. Well now, that is a thing of the past with Matrix Total Results High Amplify. Here’s how Total Results High Amplify haircare can be the go-to for all fine hair needs.

Two of the leading issues causing flat hair are oils and/or product build-up. To alleviate this, use Total Results High Amplify Root Wash Up Super Clarifying Shampoo. The silicone-free, super clarifying formula resets hair volume at the root by removing oil and build-up that weigh hair down. Recommended for use once weekly for deep cleansing, and in-between cleansing, this lightweight, silicone-free formula with protein helps provide a boost of structure to fine, limp hair for lasting volume.

If more frequent clarifying is needed, recommend to your client to apply High Amplify Root Wash Up to just the root area, and High Amplify Shampoo to the mids & ends.

Many dry shampoos can be heavy, weighing the hair down and leaving a residue on the root area, which in turn can lead to dull, flat hair. Total Results High Amplify Micro-Fine Dry Shampoo is formulated with micro-fine aluminum starch powder derived from corn to absorb oil and prolong volume. While it does not contain styling polymers, the micro-fine powders can create lasting volume. To use, shake can really well to disperse the micro-fine powders throughout the formula prior to spraying, hold about 12 inches away from scalp and spray evenly onto the root area.

The number one concern for all is shine and conditioning. This is especially true when working with fine hair clients. Their fear and experience is that most shine and conditioning products just make their hair flat. You can now offer your clients shine, movement and bounce all within eight seconds. Total Results High Amplify Shine Rinse Lamellar Treatment is a water-activated, weightless conditioning treatment that envelops each hair strand, instantly adding shine and touchable softness. The treatment acts like a shine booster for hair while detangling and can be used in place of a conditioner. To use, cleanse with High Amplify Protein or Root Up Wash Super Clarifying Shampoo. Gently squeeze out excess water, but do not towel dry hair. Apply in a zig-zag motion depending on the length of hair. After rinsing, hair will feel soft and smooth with incredible shine.

Selecting the proper styling products is key when looking to provide voluminous results. High Amplify Foam Volumizer or High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter will certainly make styling easier. For full-bodied results throughout the hair, apply High Amplify Foam Volumizer for touchable thickness. When looking to create additional height at the root area, the targeted applicator from High Amplify Wonder Boost is the ideal choice. This silicone-formula uses protein for an added boost while providing instant lift. To finish, High Amplify offers two hairsprays: High Amplify Hairspray and High Amplify Performa Hairspray. When a flexible hairspray with a strong hold is needed, look no further than High Amplify Hairspray. For clients who prefer a firm hold and extra root lift, have them reach for High Amplify Performa Hairspray.

No matter the challenge, you can now confidently recommend to your clients to reach for any of the products in Total Results High Amplify line to easily achieve volume.

Source: Courtesy of Matrix

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