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Written by SalonCentric TeamAug 31, 2021

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Design Essentials (@designessentials) has spent the past 30 years mastering the science of hair care. The brand has developed over 70 professional and at-home products for multicultural hair that provide a natural balance of vitamins and proteins to promote movement and manageability.

Included in Design Essentials' range of products are four professional collections: the Classic Collection, Relaxer Systems, Strengthening Therapy System, and Wave by Design. And adding Design Essential professional treatments to your service menu is super easy thanks to their educational tools including classes and literature. 

Moreover, Design Essentials isn’t just for the pros. There are dozens of at-home products specifically for textured, curly, and multicultural hair to consider adding to your retail selection. A few of the brand’s top-selling products are their Almond Butter Express Conditioner, Sleek Max Edge Control, and Oat Protein & Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Check out some of their products here and join them on Facebook at @designessentials to learn more, find upcoming classes, and get more information on their affiliate programs. 

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